What should the temperature gauge read in your car

It measures 30 psi

If you’ve ever looked at your car’s outside temperature display while idling in traffic on a nice summer day, you've probably noticed the display can vary quite a bitI believe the 986 Boxster engine operating temperature should be 186

When the coolant temp is low it closes and allows the engine to warm to the designed temperatureTemperature gauge

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A business card for your auto repair shop, the number for AAA (if you’re a member), and car insurance claim forms should also be stored in your glove compartmentThe dual display inside and outside air temperature gauge is capable of reading temperatures from -99 degrees F to 150 degrees F with an incredible accuracy of + or – 1the temperature sensor is read by the car's computer systems, which then set the dashboard indicationThe ideal car battery voltage range will provide you with a relevant interval according to which you can measure precisely what the voltage says about the battery’sCar thermometers are ideal for examining the