Initial d arcade stage 8 infinity pc

Jul 26, 2014 ยท Initial D: Arcade Stage 8 Infinity features a new Factory mode and a D Coin function to buy new parts for your car

Initial D Arcade Stage 8 Infinity (2014) 11

INITIAL D ARCADE STAGE 8 INFINITY Manufacturer: SEGA Hardware: SEGA RingEdge Release: 2014 Players: up to 2 Profile Save System: License Card (IC Card) Online: Yes Available in the UK: Yes Variants: n

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2012 is ending soon, but, Are you guys was a year full? I definitely felt in one year fulfilling such as starting operation "Initial D7 AA X", TVCM, events, and updating Facebook felt a bond with everyone who has supported Initial D series, both I and Initial D team members quickly ran through!! Initial D Arcade Stage VerComes with music video and anime opening theme video on DVD20] Initial D 5th & Final Stage Non-Stop D SelectionVideogame & Arcade Room; Glow Stick Dance; Otaku Flea Market; Otaku Art & Craft Fair;